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What is the Diderot Society?

The Diderot Society is an after school philosophy and contemporary issues club. Members of the Diderot Society (students in grades 10-12) will explore profound, time-honored moral questions. What is truth? How do we know truth? How can we separate truth from lies? How do we know right from wrong? What is morality? What is justice? What is a just society?

Together we will explore many of the great ideas of history, ranging from the first philosophers of ancient Greece, to the Enlightenment period, to the present day. We will then apply these timeless ideals and modes of thought to various enduring and contemporary issues.


The Five Pillars

These Five Pillars serve as the foundation for our club and represent the multiple aspects that The Diderot Society entails.

After-School Club

Modeled loosely after the book Justice, by Micheal Sandel, a renowned Harvard philosophy professor, the after-school club allows for members to learn about the thoughts of many of the greatest philosophical minds in history. With this knowledge in hand, members are then encouraged to engage in informed, civil discourse on contemporary issues through philosophical lenses.


The Edward R. Murrow Podcast​

The Diderot Society's Podcast is here to provide an opportunity for the members of the AMSA faculty to share their ideas, opinions, and passions with the rest of the community. Whether it be timeless literature or the fascinating mysteries of nature, this interdisciplinary program has something for everybody.
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The North Star Academic Journal

Named after the famous nineteenth-century anti-slavery newspaper edited by abolitionist Frederick Douglass, The North Star is AMSA’s first and only academic journal. This scholarly journal will be published biannually and will include submissions from our talented and passionate Diderot Society members.

The purpose of this publication is to give our students the opportunity to synthesize what they have learned as members of the Diderot Society and to express their ideas through academic writing. Topics for publication include Philosophy, History, Literature, Science, Technology, Anthropology, etc. The editor of this journal is Ms. Alexandria Waldron.


Colloquium Nights

The Diderot Society Colloquium Nights will consist of short, mini-lectures(like a TED Talk) on a topic which will be followed by a round of moderated discussion. Teachers and students will be able to present based on the topic that will be assigned.

Join us for our first Colloquium Night on January 18th, in the Upper School Cafeteria, where we tackle the topic of

Inequality in America. Good? Bad? Or something Else?


Information about Trips Coming Soon...